Yoon Duk Kim

Doctoral Student in Marketing at the Wharton School

Research Interests
  • Explainable AI Models for Marketing
Published in
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Consumer Research
PhD Marketing 
- The Wharton School (2018 - Present)
M.S. Computer and Information Technology 
- University of Pennsylvania (2018)
B.A. Business Administration 
- Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (2016)


With Ryan Dew (2021), "Touchstreams: Learning Preferences from Feed Navigation," Work in progress.


NLP Sandbox (2021)
An educational application for visualizing various lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis methods in real time.
Tech: React, Gatsby, D3, and compromise.
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Travel Itinerary Recommendation System (2020)
Algorithm for Korean mobile application 'Yoda Trip' with 100k+ installs on Android and iOS, developed at Storicity Inc.
Tech: Integer programming, Bayesian modeling
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TA Timer (2016)
A simple, clean web timer for proctors to display during exams.
Tech: Vanilla javascript, html, and css.
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Graduate Coursework


Measurement and Data Analysis
Empirical Models
Economic / OR Models
Research Methods
Judgment and Decision Making
Information Processing

Computer Science

Analysis of Algorithms
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Computational Linguistics
Database & Info Systems


Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory


Content Analysis
Social Media and Politics